Buddy went to St Breward school last week 😀
As well as learning how to be “trees” and “turtles” the children learnt that you DO NOT put your hand in a dogs face so say hello, as this is rude and can be scary for a dog.

Instead politely croutch down side on to the dog and welcome the dog over to you.
If Buddy went to them (which obviously being an attention seeking Beagle he did) then it was ok to stroke him on his chest or side.
If he didnt go to them (which never happened as he is an attention seeking Beagle) then it WOULD NOT have been ok to touch him.

You never just touch a dog without their consent. Some dogs do not want you in their personal space.
Remember you dont just ask the owner, you also ask the dog too!

Usually I NEVER like anyone to feed my dogs, but I let a couple of the children give Buddy a treat to show them how to safely do it. As a lot of people jerk their hand up quickly which encourages the dog to snap.