As most of you know Halloween time is Achievement Award time. It’s not quite the same without a party but we had fun anyway
This years main award for “Biggest Improvement” went to Ruth and Daniel, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their progress, Daniel has matured into such a super young man.
Next was Aimee and Pippa, being back in the hall after training outside all summer its fantastic to see the difference in Pippas confidence. I’m super impressed with these two. Well done.
Then we have Sarah and Jake, Sarah’s dedication has paid off, Jake is a credit to her, and is a real star, these two have a lot of potential and I’m excited to see how far they go💕
The next 3 dogs have not been the easiest due to previous experiences. I am very proud of their guardians who have shown an incredible amount of patience and consistency in their training, so well done to all of you.